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Exhumation data:
Burned bodies found during the exhumation (mortal remains of 24 soldiers) on the following location: mountain Ozren, hill Paljenik, municipality Zavidovići, done in the period from July 21 to September 10, 1996. During the collecting of surface skeletal remains, bodies marked as numbers 5 and 13. After the collecting of skeletal remains bodies placed in PVC bags and left in a dugout on the hill Paljenik for preservation. By order from IFOR all team members who were involved in the finding of mortal remains had to leave Paljenik for security reasons. After re-arrival at Paljenik on September 10, 1996. the remains of the bodies were found burned inside the dugouts, and the body which was on a stretcher was found with a anti tank mine strped onto it.
Date of exhumation: July 21 to September 10, 1996
Number of bodies found: 6

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Six burned bodies found in total!

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NN - unidentified