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Exhumation data:
Exhumation of mortal remains of (at least ten bodies) bodies from a mass grave from the following location - Kamenica, Porobić Edin’s gravel pits, right shore of the river Gostović, municipality Zavidovići, in the period since Jun 21, to Jun 23, 2006. The exhumation started by the Federal commission by order from the Cantonal Prosecution in Zenica. After the exhumation bodies taken to the city cemetery in Visoko. Bodies handed over to the commission for missing persons of the Serb Republic on September 15, 2006. The finishing forensic processing done in Banjaluka and after the analysis it was determined that there were seven skeletons and ten skulls (the skulls can not be connected to the skeletons). It was determined that the skeletons indicate the exsistance of at least ten different people!
Date of exhumation:
Number of bodies found: 10

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Blagojević (Vlado) Radomir, yob. 1965.; yid. 2006.
- Todorić (Milovan) Božidar, yob. 1973.; yid. 2006.
- Stjepanović (Petar) Drago, yob. 1040.; yid. 2006.
- Dabić (Milivoje) Čedo, rođ: 1952.; yid. 2006.
- Radojčić (Blagoja) Radovan, yob. 1942.; yid. 2006.
skull only found)
- Todorović (Đorđe) Savo, yob. 1940.; yid. 2006.
(skull only found)
- Pejić (Janko) Miladin, yob. 1956.; yid. 2006.
(skull only found)
- Đaković (Božo) Miodrag, yob. 1972.; yid. 2008.
(skull only found)

Remaining skull and other body parts marked as “NN”

- year of birth
- year identified
NN - unidentified