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Exhumation data:
Exhumation of mortal remains of eleven bodies from a mass grave from the following location - a meadow next to the local Serbian Orthodox cemetery in Međina, A grave without any markings which was designated as grave number 2, municipality Mostar (Mostar Jugozapad) municipality, on the day of August 29, 2003.
Note: The mortal remains of Gazivoda, Kanlić, Jakovljević and Popović found during the exhumation in a mass grave in Blažuj, Tomislavgrad municipality, on the day of August 23, 2006. This was the original site of the graves from where the mortal remains were sent to Međine, Mostar Mostar Jugozapad) municipality.
Date of exhumation: August 29, 2003
Number of bodies found: 11

Exhumated - identified persons data
- Lipić (Žarko) Dragoljub, yob. 1960.; yid. 2006.
- Pokrajac (Tomo) Nenad, yob. 1930.; yid. 2003.
- Gazivoda (Milan) Luka, yob. 1955.; yid. 2004.
- Kanlić (Vojko) Dušan, yob. 1937.; yid. 2007.
- Simović (Živko) Ratko, yob. 1963.; yid. 2004.
- Jakovljević (Momčilo) Dragan, yob. 1967.; yid. 2004.
- Popović (Nikola) Pavle, yob. 1957.; yid. 2004.
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- “NN”
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